The Essential Flower Essence Book

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From time immemorial, plants, animals and humans have evolved alongside one another. The spirit of nature serves us, while we in return pay homage to nature in a selfless conspiracy to live, grow and evolve together. Here lies the order and purpose inherent in the great panorama of life. Knowledge of, and cooperation with the inner world of nature offers humans their greatest opportunity to find happiness. (Spiritual Unfoldment, White Eagle 1998)
The development and use of flower essences is a wonderful example of cooperation with the plant world. The purpose of this book is to give as many people as possible, health practitioners and laypeople alike, an opportunity to experience and appreciate the healing qualities of flower essences. I believe that flower essences can profoundly help and heal our bodies, minds and spirits, bringing a better quality of life on Earth for all its inhabitants!

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The book is divided into two main sections.

  • Part 1 covers the subjects of flower essence history and human/plant co-evolution, the ‘doctrine of signatures’ of plants (with illustrations) and how to ‘read’ them, a description of our subtle (energetic) anatomy and how flower essences positively influence the subtle bodies and the chakras, and Vitalistic (energetic) medicine is discussed.
  • Part 2 answers frequently-asked questions about flower essences and covers all aspects of flower essence therapy. There is comprehensive descriptions of hundreds of flower essences from all over the world with a ‘user friendly’ flower essence prescribing guide, plus much more……