The 12 Dynamic Elements of Good Health – the Tissue Salts

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The book is divided into sections: About Tissue Salts; Dr Schuessler; Guide to symptomatic prescribing; Detailed descriptions of the 12 individual Tissue Salts.

Subheadings (for each Tissue Salt) include: General description, Body Type, Mind, Head, Eyes, etc., Worse by / Better by, Complementary & Related Tissue Salts, Supportive Measures, Diet, Related Flower Essences, Iridology – signs in iris, Astrology – astrological correlations, Keywords.

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The purpose of this book is to give more people an opportunity to experience the health-enhancing qualities of the twelve Dr Scheussler Tissue Salts. It is a practical guide to prescribing, enabling readers to choose the most appropriate Tissue Salts for themselves and others, and so become empowered to take more responsibility for personal health and well-being.

The Tissue Salts have also proved to be a ‘God send’ for many parents with infants and young children. Having Tissue Salts available to give to their children empowers parents to take more control and responsibility for their children’s health. This book guides parents in Tissue Salt use in a straight forward, and always safe and responsible way.